Sunday, 26 June 2016

Walking near Marktschellenberg

It hardly seems possible, but three weeks have slipped by since I was enjoying my walks in the countryside around Marktschellenberg, in the district of Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria in Germany. How time flies. At least I have my images to remind me of that fabulous landscape.

Typical Chalet in Berchtesgadener Land
Walking the lanes around my accommodation brought me great amounts of pleasure, especially on those days when the cloud lifted to show the surrounding mountains in all their glory.

The air was so wonderfully fresh and clean and the smell of the wild flowers in the meadows was quite heady.

Plentiful wildflowers - predominantly Buttercups, Clover and Daisies

I'm sure this would be an excellent location for anyone with an interest in walking in open spaces. Indeed for anyone who just enjoys being in the countryside.

Some of the hills are quite steep, but sticking to the roads made walking quite easy. I admit I would be tempted to climb some of the more accessible mountains when I return, which I fully intend to do one day.

I could see this mountain from my balcony
Steinlehen - the FeWo where I stayed
I have no idea why this part of Europe is not promoted heavily by the tourist industry, perhaps it's because those canny Bavarians want to keep it to themselves and who could blame them? Hordes of gawking tourists would only spoil the peace and tranquility.

Chalets, meadows, mountains and not a Sound of Music tour bus in sight thank goodness!