Sunday, 12 June 2016

More Bavarian architecture - Bad Reichenhall

The second day of my Bavarian holiday ended in Bad Reichenhall.

Bad Reichenhall is a spa town and the administrative centre of Berchtesgaden Land. As such I think I'd expected more of the city in the way of notable and historic buildings. Perhaps the lack of city centre history is a direct result of the allied bombing attack that took place in April 1945 when much of the city centre was destroyed.

The Rathaus (town hall) is both decorative and interesting though and well worth a look as is the Königliches Kurhaus (Royal Spa).

Königliches Kurhaus
Royal Crest Detail
Strolling around the centre I spotted a couple of other interesting edifices.

The buildings are unrelated, but both carry images of the Bavarian flag and I think are interesting in their own right.

For me it was interesting to compare the differences between Berchtesgaden and Bad Reichenhall. I certainly know which of the two I preferred.