Thursday, 9 June 2016

Back from foreign climes...

I arrived home from a trip to southern Bavaria yesterday morning where I spent a very enjoyable week taking photographs in the company of my good friend Antlady69. We stayed close to a town called Marktschellenberg in the district of Berchtesgadener Land and I must say it was stunningly beautiful.

Antlady69 collected me from Munich airport and we drove south to our destination, stopping en-route at Erding to stretch our legs and get a coffee. I loved the model of the town plan - so much nicer than displaying a map don't you think?
Street Plan of Erding
Isn't it cute? I so wish more cities/towns would do this:
Street Plan of Erding
A lot of the churches in this part of Germany have what I referred to as 'onion' towers, which reminded me somewhat of buildings in Russia. I don't think there's any connection, but it was worth taking a few photographs to illustrate the style. Here's one from Erding:
Church in Erding
After coffee we moved on to Seebruck beside the Chiemsee for a spot of lunch and a short stroll. The Chiemsee is an absolutely huge freshwater lake, which was formed around 10,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age. The Chiemsee is also known as 'The Bavarian Sea'.
Lake Chiemsee with the Bavarian Alps in the background
I was fascinated by the drive through the Bavarian countryside, it proved to be quite different to what I had imagined. Just goes to show how wrong preconceptions can be! Of course I was aware there would be mountains, but I was quite unprepared for their beauty: I will be posting more about the landscape in the days to come.

We stayed in a very nice ferienwohnung (FeWo for short) with the family Fuchs. The property was called Steinlehen and is fairly typical of the area.

My room opened on the right-hand top balcony at the side of the house
Although it was dry on our arrival the skies were quite cloudy and unfortunately the view from my balcony was somewhat restricted, but of course I had to document it anyway!
The view from my balcony
As nice as the outlook was, on clearer days this view was quite spectacular as you will see at a later date!