Saturday, 30 April 2016

Meet Usky's new friend

I spotted this guy while out cycling this morning, took a shine to him and stopped to pass the time of day... then I thought you might like to meet him too. Let me introduce you to The Celtic Warrior

The Celtic Warrior
Pretty impressive isn't he? Carved from a single hunk of tree by a local artist - you can view him at the end of Isca Road, Caerleon.

Facial Close-up
 Seeing this guy today reminded me of an old friend I haven't spoken to in ages... her name is Rosemary and she's an artist and sculptor who I know would appreciate this piece of work.

In other news I got my India Badge recently for having walked 1997 miles in my attempt to get fit!

India Badge - 1997 miles walked

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Crossing the border

It was a lovely morning for a quick trip over the border into England...

Second Severn Crossing

Sadly you can't cycle over the Second Severn Crossing, but you can grab a nice image of it from Blackrock. Fortunately you can still use the original Severn Bridge (M48) to cross back and forth over the water.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Bound and drowned, but not beaten

Walking with Tilly along the Severn flood plain this morning and simply had to capture a couple of images of this piece of flotsam...

Ivy-bound tree
I just love the way ivy had bound this old tree, no doubt helping suck the life out of it. However having fallen and been floating around in the Bristol Channel for lord knows how long, the tree has finally washed up on the Welsh side of the Estuary where new life is slowly taking over.

New life takes hold
I find I am always impressed with the way Nature works... in this case the ivy having made perfect footholds for new plant growth. Neat, eh?