Wednesday, 26 April 2017

High Chroma Levels

Tilly and I became the temporary focal point for a group of cattle while we were out walking this morning and since the cattle took such interest in us I decided to take a little interest in them too...

Who Will Watch the Watchers?
I only had my 'phone with me so my images are simple grabs from the handset's built-in camera. What I hadn't realised was I had inadvertently switched on the High Chroma function, which is something I haven't actually played with so the results are a little startling. The full frame shot is probably quite acceptable, although the green of the grass is a bit dense and the 'red' tinge to the beef's coat is a bit hard. However the zoomed group shot (below) I think is completely over the top and something I wouldn't be happy with.

So here's the thing... having realised my mistake I have been looking for a way to adjust the 'phone's settings to 'turn down' the chrominance and guess what? I can't find one!

Monday, 24 April 2017

A Coincidence of Humour

I absolutely love it when I come across an instance of someone else's humour that is so close to my own. In this particular case it features an old WWII pillbox situated on the Severn Estuary that some wag has placed a student accommodation board beside.

I've absolutely no idea who placed the Black Pear Lettings sign, which I assume washed up on the foreshore with one of the recent high tides, but had I spotted it laying among the flotsam it would probably have been me who sited it adjacent to the pillbox.

And it's kind of apt too that on the reverse side of the ridge there just happens to be some oddly bright grass... not quite psychedelic, but not far from it if you happen to be a weed-head!