Wednesday, 26 April 2017

High Chroma Levels

Tilly and I became the temporary focal point for a group of cattle while we were out walking this morning and since the cattle took such interest in us I decided to take a little interest in them too...

Who Will Watch the Watchers?
I only had my 'phone with me so my images are simple grabs from the handset's built-in camera. What I hadn't realised was I had inadvertently switched on the High Chroma function, which is something I haven't actually played with so the results are a little startling. The full frame shot is probably quite acceptable, although the green of the grass is a bit dense and the 'red' tinge to the beef's coat is a bit hard. However the zoomed group shot (below) I think is completely over the top and something I wouldn't be happy with.

So here's the thing... having realised my mistake I have been looking for a way to adjust the 'phone's settings to 'turn down' the chrominance and guess what? I can't find one!