Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Going up Mt. Jenner

Day 4 of my Bavaria trip and once again +Silvia Antlady and I were up and out early, this time to catch a cable car up Mt. Jenner. As it turned out we arrived at the boarding station at Schönau adjacent to Lake Königssee in time to catch the very first cable car of the day.

Starting the climb up Mt. Jenner
As you can probably see from car behind us Jennerbahn gondolas carry just two people and are fully enclosed; once again we were having to shoot through glass to capture our images.

Looking back between the trees to Schönau
As the climb progressed we were treated to our first views of the surrounding mountain tops.

Great views from the Jennerbahn Cable Car
It hardly seemed any time at all before we reached the Mittelstation, the mid-way point up the mountain where some people like to alight and take in the view (we continued straight to the top). Note the ski-lifts to the right of shot, used to carry winter-sports types up the Jenner.

Jennerbahn Mittelstation
I resisted the temptation to keep shooting images and just sat back and enjoyed the view until we were around 50 metres from the upper station, gift shop and restaurant.

Almost at the top!
I'll be posting images from the summit of Mt. Jenner later so be sure to keep an eye out for those. Mean time, here's a little something to whet your appetite!

Jenner hang-glider launch point
Don't forget, clicking the images will give you a better view.