Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Salzburg - post 5: Shopping in Salzburger Altstadt

Salzburger Altstadt (old city) is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, which comprises a Medieval and Baroque ensemble of buildings that is unique in the world. Just walking around the streets is a feast for the eye, there are so many interesting buildings.

The shopping experience in the historic centre of Salzburg was a novelty for me to say the least since it isn't just the buildings that are 'Old World'. Take a look up and down this street:

I love the signage above the shops. The older signs are especially interesting since they are so descriptive, telling the shopper what goods can be found within.

Clock Maker
Boot Maker
Dressmaker & Tailor
I found it pleasing that even McDonald's adapted their Golden M to fit the location:

Here are a few more of these wonderful signs... can you guess what the associated shops stock?

So much more interesting than your average high-street don't you think? And when you've exhausted your need to window shop/buy goodies why not relax in the beautiful surroundings of Café Mozart for coffee and cake...

Café Mozart
Trust me, this café is well worth a visit!

Café Mozart