Monday, 27 June 2016

Home from home... sort of

So here I am in sunny (today anyway) West Wales staying in an old farmhouse called Toch Wood View near somewhere known as Canaston Bridge in Pembrokeshire.

Toch Wood View
At first view our holiday home may be a tad shabby, but once inside the house is both spacious and pretty well appointed.

Hearth & Home
There's a wood burner in the lounge with an ample supply of logs, etc. to keep you warm on a chilly evening. For convenience the house is centrally heated of course, but there's something special about a wood fire don't you think? The leather suite, occasional tables, sideboard, etc. fit the surrounds very well. The room has everything I need in a quaint kind of way.

The dining room is a bit special though.

The dining suite could certainly be termed 'antique', but it's perfectly serviceable... just look at the background.

Original Ovens
This was obviously the original farmhouse kitchen with its built in range and bread oven. No idea what the battleaxe is doing there, but I love it! I've no idea whether you could still get the range to light/work, but hey it's full of character. There's even a full size upright piano in the opposite corner!

The stone walls are a good two feet thick and the building seems to keep at a reasonable ambient temperature the day through. I'll bet it feels warm during even the coldest winter though.

The bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen are all fine if a little spartan. We have an enclosed patio area and the run of a large garden, which is great for Tilly. Are there any drawbacks? Well maybe one... the rooster who decides to salute the day every morning at 3:00am! lol

We're here for a few days so expect some images from this local area to appear here as time allows.