Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Driving without due care or attention

I had an excellent bike ride today, 27 early morning miles in quite glorious sunshine. Days that start like this one make you glad to be alive don't they? My pleasure was dented by just one small incident though... an unthinking, uncaring, law-breaking car driver.

I wish I could name and shame, but sadly that's not possible. However someone out there must know the driver of the gun-metal grey BMW 3 Series who was speeding along the A48 at 7:30am today... obviously thought he was something special as most Boy Racer types do.

Ordinarily I wouldn't object too strongly since the road was quiet. On this occasion though I feel the need to vent since he passed me allowing less than 2 feet of clearance and tripped a 'watch your speed' sign indicating he was travelling at 78mph in a 40mph zone!

I didn't catch all of his registration plate, but it ended with the letters HSE... kind of ironic I thought since the Health & Safety Executive are known by that acronym. Not that I'm suggesting the car had anything to do with the HSE of course.

I wish I knew who the driver was though... I'd love to send him a little something to celebrate his next birthday:

The perfect hat for you!