Saturday, 11 June 2016

A little more from Ramsau

There were several other buildings that caught my eye in the sleepy little village of Ramsau, but these two in particular peaked my interest. The first is Ramsau's second church, almost totally ignored by the touring public but still picturesque in my opinion.

Ramsau's less famous church
The second is bit of a step back in time and interests me because the owners have preserved the environmentally friendly power source of water. This is the Ramsau Sawmill.

Ramsau Sawmill
Terrific amounts of rain fell in parts of Germany immediately prior to and during my visit and water levels in the rivers were extremely high. The canal used to channel river water to drive the saw was very full. Cleverly the designer of the millrace had allowed for this with the overflow system you see to the left of shot where gallons of very fast flowing water are allowed to spill back into the river thus preventing flooding of the actual mill. The shoot to the right of centre is 'used' water from the wheel-drive also returning to the river.

I wish I'd taken a bar of soap... this would have been a great place for a refreshingly cold shower!