Friday, 10 June 2016


I visited the municipality of Berchtesgaden, which is situated in the German Bavarian Alps on my first full day in Bavaria. The city is a mixture of the old and new and I wanted to share a few images of some of the beautiful old buildings within the city.

Sadly I don't have names for the buildings depicted here, but that doesn't detract from their beauty I'm sure you'll agree. Just look at this amazing place with the round tower on its corner.

As you can see it currently houses a mixture of shops and a cafe.

How about this wonderful memorial to the fallen of the two World wars?

Berchtesgaden War Memorial
Then there are these shops with the schloss in the background.

Look at the stunning detail on this Dollinger shop front:

And just in case you're feeling warm and cosy, there's this somewhat dark and moody building:

A touch on the dark side it may be, but it's still stunningly beautiful don't you think?

To be fair these are but a brief selection of mages of Berchtesgaden architecture. If these photographs have sparked an interest in you I urge you to visit southern Bavaria and see Berchtesgaden for yourself.