Friday, 24 June 2016

Salzburg - post 6: Street Art

I seem to be posting a lot of images from Salzburg don't I? Hope you don't find them boring... Salzburg is such a beautiful city... and it has an excellent variety of street art.

No idea who these two statues represent, but I like them!

And what about this fountain?

Quite stunning isn't it? Especially with that backdrop.

Then there's this weather station...

It is a three-sided public information bureau.

Each side displays different information.

The passer by is able to read barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. Just about everything you could wish to know about the current weather. Pretty neat, eh?

There are some quirky pieces of art too, like this nodding duck water feature.

You really need to see this to appreciate it I think, but I hope these images give at least an idea of the sculpture's movement.

I think this piece is particularly dark, but I really like it. The statue reminds me of a very time in my life and my struggle to return to 'normality' if indeed there is any such thing.

This on the other hand is a very much lighter work of art, it's just a bit of fun.

The ball is made predominantly from plastic cows (go figure), but if you look closely you will see other objects too.

Some pieces are interactive, like this slowly rusting cone that you can stand inside.

This decorative door arch is simply static, similar in some ways to the street shop signs I documented recently.

And I'll leave you on this occasion with something musical... can you work it out?