Friday, 4 September 2015

Men in Tights

Did I tell you I was into a bit of a fitness kick? No? Well I am and as part of that I've started cycling again for the first time in a decade or so. Since walking Tilly tends to take priority during the bulk of the day I'm getting out and about on my bike in the early hours and believe me it is already pretty cold at this time of the year at 6:00am of a morning... so I decided to invest in some of those cycling leggings you see the real bikers wearing. I'm sure you know the sort of thing so I won't bother showing you a picture of them, but suffice it to say being made of a skin-tight lycra type material they hug the old legs a treat and show all my lumps and bumps. I suppose I should also mention these leggings have a padded crotch area, so I've no doubt they really make my ass look large when viewed from the rear!

Anyway I wore my new tights this morning for the first time and:

  1. found them really comfortable
  2. found they kept my legs warm
  3. seemed to make me more streamlined
So I had a 22 mile ride before breakfast and stopped at one of Newport's landmarks for a brief half-way water break...
Pointers at Newport Transporter Bridge

The above signpost points to other transporter bridges around the world... there aren't many still standing and rather sadly even fewer in working order.

Commemorative Plate