Friday, 25 September 2015

Beautiful morning ride

Got going for my early morning ride just as the sun was coming up today and what a spectacular sunrise it was too... wish I'd had a video camera with me to record the gradual colour change in the morning sky. I do have a still though:

Good Morning, Sunshine

My first eight miles consisted of three quite long hill climbs to get the blood pumping and the knees aching, which took me from Undy to Park Wall (the 8 mile mark on the my map). From there I dropped down to Black Rock (the 10 mile mark) where I took a drink and a short breather overlooking the Severn Estuary and the Second Severn Crossing.

I left Black Rock on the Wales Coastal Path and followed this off and on through Sudbrook, Portskewett and Caldicot on my return to Undy.

Here's a map of my route: