Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Getting it right

Are you surprised when you get a really favourable response from a big national concern? I am and because of that I feel the need to document what for me was an unusual event... beware, you might find this boring! lol

Following the dismal failure of my new mini-pump (previous entry) I took a trip into my local Halfords this morning to lodge a complaint. My expectations were pretty low to say the least and I was quite prepared to argue for a refund/replacement. Imagine my surprise when instead of having to do battle with some ignorant twot I found myself talking to an intelligent and sympathetic young man who not only replaced the faulty goods, but upgraded the duff Bikehut pump to one of these:

Lezyne ABS Flex Hose

This Lezyne mini pump is the Rolls Royce of cycle mini pumps so I am one very happy bunny.

Thank you to Halfords Newport and Lee in particular: you are most certainly getting it right.

Well Done!