Monday, 7 September 2015

MAMIL - or Men in Tights II

Yeah so Usky has joined the MAMIL cycling crew and a scary bunch of individuals we are, believe me. There are a growing number of us it seems and we can be seen on all four corners of the world.

For the uninitiated the definition of MAMIL is Middle Aged Men In Lycra.

It's true to say that many folk take the piss of us MAMIL types and with some good reason it has to be said since there are some really horrendous sights out there. Just look at these guys for example:

Thankfully NOT Usky

Thankfully NOT Usky either
There are some very well known members of MAMIL:

London Mayor Boris Johnson

Of course guys like these have been the cause of a certain amount of humour:

Don't know who Cadel Evans is? Look him up!
So what about your local hero and author, Usky then? Well these are what the first pair of cycling leggings I bought look like:

I have the red ones

And this is what they look like on:

Usky's bum and legs

It's not easy to take selfie's of your bum and legs without a selfie stick and thank God I don't possess one of those!

So there we are... Usky, a fully paid up member of MAMIL and proud of it! lol