Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Just a lot of hot air

Since I've started getting out and about on my bike for exercise recently I thought it was time I treated myself to a modern dual-action pump for those frustrating flat tyre moments. My old pump was perfectly serviceable, but only delivered air on the in stroke while the newer designs inflate on both in and out strokes making tyre inflation so much quicker (very handy when you consider cycle tyres often need pressures of 60 psi and above to operate efficiently).

So I took a trip to my local Halfords store to have a look and see what was available and eventually bought myself one of these:

Bikehut Dual-Action Pump
This is the Dual-Action Mini-Pump from Bikehut. It appears robust, is neat, comes with a great frame-clip, is rated at 100 psi and incorporates a handy pressure gauge in the head... 

Pump Head Detail

Looked ideal to me.


I clipped the pump to my bike and there it sat looking pretty for a couple of weeks while I trundled around the local countryside. Then of course the inevitable happened and I got a puncture. Patching the tube was doddle so having done that I took the new pump and tried to re-inflate my tyre...

The damn pump is defective constantly leaking air so no matter how hard you pump air into the tube it just leaks back out through the fecking pump leaving the tyre as flat as a witches tit!

Considering I was miles from nowhere you may imagine I was less than pleased with my purchase. My advice to anyone in the market for a new bike pump would be avoid this particular model.