Saturday, 26 September 2015

Another Beautiful Morning

A stunning start to the day again today: bright, crisp and dry with lots of early morning mist hanging over water and the lower ground... another beautiful morning for an early bike ride, which I took full advantage of.

Early Morning Mist

I started with a sprint through the lanes to Redwick before looping back to Bishton... this section is mostly flat so great for speed training.

From Bishton I headed toward Underwood and Llanmartin and began the climb from the Severn flood plains. This section of the route climbs more or less continually from the 7 mile marker to the 14 mile marker so is a great section for muscle development.

There's a downhill respite between Llanvair Discoed and Five Lanes, but the route climaxes with the climb up Carrow Hill to the 17 mile marker before sweeping back down on the final stretch into Undy.

All in all a lovely way to burn 1000 calories.

This was my route today: