Friday, 1 July 2016

Riding the wind on the waves

Couldn't resist grabbing a couple of images of this guy enjoying the strong winds while kiteboarding on Newgale beach. He was obviously quite expert at it, which was as well considering the strength of the wind.

Kiteboarder at Newgale
If you look closely you'll see a whole load of little spots on the photograph caused by wind-blown salt spray. A nightmare really because salt water and digital cameras really don't mix! I had to do quite a bit of cleaning after this beach walk. In fact I spent a couple of minutes wiping spray off my neutral density filter after taking the above shot, which did me a small favour in a way because the sun peaked out briefly allow me to get this next one.

Kiteboarder at Newgale with shadow
What a difference that brief moment of sunshine makes to the photograph... I can't help wondering whether the kiteboarder even noticed the change in lighting conditions, the wind remained the same and his surfing fun just continued. I've never tried riding one of those things myself, but it looks like a lot of fun!