Friday, 1 July 2016

Poppies, fitting for the day. A tribute to those who fell at the Somme

I saw these while out walking around Newport, Pembrokeshire today and since today is the centenary of the first day's fighting of the battle of the Somme I simply had to grab an image or two.

I have to say I was quite choked up this morning watching the Somme ceremonies on the TV and the lump in my throat reappeared as soon as I saw these. As an ex-serviceman I have an affinity with those who lost their lives fighting for their country. Let's not forget the Somme claimed 420,000 British casualties, 200,000 French and 500,000 German. The British lost 19,240 killed on the first day alone. Hard to imagine isn't it?

So here is my simple tribute to the fallen of all nationalities from that horrific period in time.

For those who Fell at the Somme
God rest you all, you are not forgotten.