Saturday, 6 August 2016

Venerable Trees and other Old Farts

I've photographed this tree a number of times and never tire of finding something new to look at when I do. I love the way the bark forms shadows and highlights against the bare wood in bright sunshine. I also love the shapes formed by the broken branches.

At first glance the tree looks to be dead, but look again and you'll see there are small areas of growth. Of course the tree will never regain its former glory, but it's interesting to keep an eye on it and note the changes over a period of years.

If only it could talk, I wonder what tales the venerable old feller would have to tell?

Thinking of old things... I'm going to see the excellent Status Quo this evening, backed by another favourite band of mine Cockney Rebel, so this aging rocker will be watching a few even older rockers doing their thing. Trust me, I'll be singing and boppin' with the best of 'em!