Wednesday, 10 August 2016

T.C. Ellis guitar dumped - what a cruel waste!

Cardiff based luthier T.C. Ellis makes some really great guitars, believe me I know and I'm not just saying that because I own one... Phillip Campbell (Motorhead) plays one and while on the subject of Motorhead, Tim Ellis was Lemmy's luthier of choice.

So here's the thing... while out walking Tilly this morning I spotted a guitar floating in a drainage reen. Being me, I hooked it out and guess what? It was a TC Ellis!

TC Ellis found dumped in a reen
The weight is beautiful the neck looks straight and true and despite having been dumped in deep water the woodwork looks in reasonable condition. Also, judging from the lack of fret wear, I doubt the guitar has ever been played much.

In need of a bit of tender loving care 
No doubt about it this axe is in need of some TLC and wants (deserves) to have some cash spent on it to restore it to its former glory. I'd love to know what arsehole thought it was a good idea to dump this high class musical instrument in a drainage reen!