Monday, 8 August 2016

Quo rock Caldicot

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I'd see the legendary Status Quo playing a live gig in this sleepy part of the world. Indeed when I first noticed a poster advertising the forthcoming concert at Caldicot Castle I assumed I'd misread and it would be a Quo tribute band playing the venue. But no, on closer inspection the poster really did say Status Quo and what's more they would be supported by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel... obviously this was going to a night too good to be missed!

Tickets were obtained and the date eagerly awaited.

The evening kicked off with local band The Bug Club warming up the audience in what must have been for them a dream come true.

When Cockney Rebel took the stage the atmosphere kicked up a few notches the crowd really began to buzz.

Then this happened...
Status Quo take the stage at Caldicot Castle
We all knew Quo would be without Rick Parfitt who had suffered a heart attack during a concert in Turkey in early June, but that didn't detract from the crowd's excitement when the band appeared on stage. Hope the recovery goes well Rick!

Rocking all over Caldicot!
Bassist John 'Rhino' Edwards' son Freddie has stepped in to fill Rick's shoes and the lad certainly didn't look (or sound) out of place.

Freddie Edwards
The atmosphere at Caldicot Castle was now akin to that experienced at any major music festival where the audience sing, shout, dance, clap, wave inflatable guitars and generally have a lot of fun and why wouldn't it be? After all, we were enjoying some excellent music at a great location.

Francis Rossi the Grand Old Man of Rock
The Grand Old Man of Rock may be no spring chicken, but age hasn't slowed down his on-stage performance or detracted from his charisma; Rossi's lead breaks are as cutting now as they ever were.

John 'Rhino' Edwards and Andrew Brown
Rhino's driving bass lines and Andrew Brown's solid fills round out the Quo's sound while youngster Leon Cave sets the time on his skins.

Leon Cave
Playing a selection of their classic tracks, Status Quo lived up to everyone's expectations... I could witter on and on about the performance, but if you know Quo you know what we enjoyed under the night sky so I'm going to leave it there and just share some more images with you.

Just before I go, how about a couple of silly facial expressions?

Pain or Pleasure?

What're you thinking about Francis?