Sunday, 6 August 2017

In praise of public drinking fountains

What ever happened to the public drinking fountain? Time was you could find one in almost every public space, but not any more. Of course the last thing the various companies selling water in plastic bottles want to see is a return of the water fountain. I've nothing against bottled water, but I do object to the number of plastic bottles that are just thrown away in the streets, parks, beaches and elsewhere. From an environmental point of view wouldn't it make sense to help put a stop all that nasty plastic waste by bringing back a British institution?

Women's Temperance League Fountain, Newport
As nice as it would be to see the old Temperance League fountains restored to use I suspect that will never happen for all kinds of reasons, but I cannot see any logical argument against reintroducing simple drinking fountains like this one I found in Swansea:

The Australian's have it right in my view, just look at this cleverly designed fountain from Hindmarsh Square in Adelaide:

Not only practical, but artistic too. I'd be happy to use it, wouldn't you? Or there's this fountain in Sandford, providing refreshment for both humans and canines alike:

To cut back on plastic waste we are charged a fee for carrier bags in shops and supermarkets, why not extend that and charge a fee for plastic bottles? I say bring back the public water fountain and help reduce plastic waste.