Monday, 19 December 2016

Another step forward...

So I had my pre-op assessment at Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr this morning, which I passed with flying colours thank goodness and that's one step further forward towards getting the surgery I need on my hands. The next step in the process is for me to meet with the Specialist who will undertake the knife-work and the Anaesthetist who will take care of keeping me pain free during the operation.

I'm not complaining, but I think it's a shame it's not possible to go through the two processes on the same day since each visit entails a 60 mile round trip for me and this morning's assessment was already my third visit to the hospital. To be honest I'm just happy things are progressing.

I don't have a date yet for the aforementioned meeting, but I'm told it should happen in the not too distant future and the consequent surgery on my right hand should happen a couple of weeks after that. ­čśâ

So all in all things are looking up for Usky!