Friday, 24 March 2017

The colour purple

Question: When is a violet not a violet?

Wild Violet

Answer: When it's not purple of course!

Wild 'White' Violet
There are a whole bunch of these rather lovely white violet plants growing in my local wood. I think they are properly called viola blanda; I could well be wrong about that. There are so many of them I've heard other walkers refer to them as wood anemones, but anemones they certainly aren't because this is a wood anemone:

Wood Anemone

A very different plant, especially when seen growing in abundance.

Wood Anemones

I admit I'm not very astute when it comes to identifying plant life and tend to forgive other peoples' mistakes since I appreciate I make so many myself. That said I'm continually surprised when I hear people refer to celandine as buttercup or these little chaps (grape hyacinths) as bluebells:

Grape Hyacinth