Friday, 18 November 2016

Well I never did

Out shopping in the metropolis of Newport today and I was a little startled, not to say taken aback, by two of the shopfronts I passed...

The first was an establishment called:

Silver Tarts

What ever could the shop offer I wondered? Their web suggests ladies should 'Throw Some Glitter'

Well I suppose you could could throw glitter to make it all a bit sparkly, or use chocolate paint or some such... I dunno, it just sounds a bit suss and very suggestive to me.

The second establishment is known as:

Bedroom Athletics

Loungewear? Hmmm... I wonder. Sounds unlikely to me. Have to admit I imagined sex-swings, leather harnesses, bondage frames and other interesting items! ­čśü

Do you have any interestingly named shops in your neighbourhood?