Saturday, 10 June 2017

On the way at last

I spent most of yesterday in Nevill Hall hospital, Abergavenny, where I had the first of my planned surgeries. Yesterday they worked on my right thumb/wrist and I'm happy to say all seems to have gone well enough. I'm home now of course and have a hard-shell cover with a bandage wrap over my right thumb and part of the wrist covering the area when the surgeon cut away the bone. I'd have to say it was an 'interesting' experience laying there wide awake while they worked. I watched some of the procedure, but admit to turning my head away when the boss started using a hammer and chisel to smash through the thickest part of the bone... it was bad enough just listening to that!

The recovery process has started now and hopefully in six months or so I'll be able to get my left hand fixed. All being well I'll be playing these again by this time next year. ­čśë

Strat and Tele must be feeling unloved