Thursday, 5 May 2016

To the woods, the woods I tell ye!

I do love our local woodland at this time of year, especially on a warm sunny morning like the one we had today. The wood anemones, celandine, violet, cowslips, primrose, bluebells and wood-orchids are all in bloom... sadly of course you never see them all together, but it is common for the orchids and bluebells to bloom in close proximity and for bluebells to be found with wood anemones too.

English Bluebells
English Bluebells are quite different from the Spanish Bluebells that are colonising many areas and in my eyes are preferable simply because they are native. I'm not saying I dislike the Spanish variety of course, I just wish there was some control over the ever-growing population.

Wood Orchid and English Bluebell
I may be a trifle odd, but I really do enjoy seeing beds of celandine despite the majority of people regarding them as weeds to be avoided at all costs.

  Tilly says she doesn't care about the flowers... she prefers her walking snacks!

Just gimme the biscuits!
To me though the flower beds make the woods an even nicer place to walk during the Spring and early Summer months.

Bluebells among the trees