Friday, 12 February 2016

A pig in a poke?

Tilly had an encounter she really wasn't too sure about earlier and it had to do with one of her favourite food groups... sausages! Oh yes dear reader we really do love a nice sausage, especially those of the pork variety. So anyway we were walking along enjoying some all too rare sunshine when we came across this lady sunbathing in her wallow.

Let Sleeping Pigs Lie
At first sight Tilly was somewhat less than impressed, but the very mention of Old Spot sausages soon gained her attention! There was a wire fence between us and the pig, which Tilly poked her nose though to get a better sniff of this slumbering lady. I suggested to her she may want to move back, but no... Tilly had a little growl at which point Pepper Pig woke up and did a little 'growling' of her own.

I'm awake, but you can't see my piggy-eyes
The snuffly growl followed by a couple of loud grunts soon had Tilly running for cover... well you can't really blame her, Pepper Pig was at least 50 times Tilly's size. I have to say if I'd had a length of rope I might have been tempted to take Old Spotty for walkies... straight into my backyard where I'd unleash my Great Uncle Sid's pig-sticker... after all, I like pork sausages too!